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American Welding Society SENSE Welding Course

Licensed to operate by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education

      Welding School of Nevada offers a 180 hour course over a 10 week period that will align students on a career path in the welding Industry. The AWS SENSE Program is a comprehensive set of Standards and Guidelines used thorough the Welding Industry.

     During the 10 weeks each student will be emersed into the welding industry through the following course objectives.




American Welding Society

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion from AWS for completing the SENSE I  curriculum. In addition students will have the opportunity to be qualified per AWS D1.1 Structural Code and D9.1 Sheet Metal Code


Welding School Of Nevada

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion of the 180 hour course offered by the Welding School of Nevada. A licensed post secondary School of Nevada


Job Placement

However we can not guarantee Job Placement, we do work with multiple contractors across the Las Vegas Valley to help students find work. We have a career services department that will help you build your resume as well.

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